And Now for Something New

I’ve debated for some time the value of having a website. Do people even visit websites anymore? Some say yes, and other author friends insist on the importance of having visibility on-line. After having a website with Yahoo Small Business for years, I’ve learned they will no longer support the app that allows for website updating. So here I am–starting something new. Is it coincidence that this comes in the same week as my retirement from the job I’ve held for the past twenty years? Who knows? All I know is this time in my life that is supposed to be a winding down and letting go suddenly has a whole lot of starting up and taking hold.

It will likely take me a while to learn this new platform and how to navigate it. In the meantime, I welcome you to what will serve as my new website. This will be a place where I will introduce you (or re-introduce you) to my stories, my characters, and some of my friends who also work in the world of writing and publishing.

So, please check back often for updated information. I promise to figure this out and make it more interesting for you as soon as possible. Oh, did I mention that, in addition to retiring, I’m also making an 800+ mile move from Mississippi to Pennsylvania, so I might be a bit distracted for a while. Hopefully, I’ll see you here again soon.

In the meantime, please visit my Amazon author page at:

And visit me at ONE WOMAN’S WRITE.

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“Life’s an adventure–wear comfortable shoes.”